Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Coron On a Weekend

Coron was just over the weekend, so we only got 3 days to see the place. The first day was a chill day. We climb the overlooking Topias hill even if it was cloudy and  drizzling. At the top, i imagined mapping the area and identifying where to go next. The breeze was cold and the air was fresh while my eyes held a grasp over the town. Felt like the energy consumed was replenished by the suiting air. 

The hot spring was an impeccable place while approaching the night. It took us several minutes via tricycle to a large, medium heated pool. The mangroves that surrounds  the pool was a perfect wall. Wading on the water summed up the day.


There was so much to explore in this island but the second day was the most hectic. We had an island hopping on our own, which means we were not on a package tour. We rented the boat and decided where to go so we got to choose the best.

Siete pecados, derived from seven islands around the area but according to rita pecados means sin. Must be a wrong interpretation of seven islands. It was said to be the best snorkling area in Coron.

Kayangan lake is the most important place to visit when in this area of Palawan. It was an ancestral domain of the Tagbanua, one of the 7 tribes in the province. We climbed up a hill of about 200 steps then go down to the lake. It was brackish water and spectacularly blue hued. It was really enticing and dipping down was the best option that i did. Snorkles was even utilized for the rock formations and mini sword fishes underneath.

We were supposed to have lunch on a beach but avoided the crowd so the Got a few chanterelles. Seems bad weather for them brought us to an isolated cottage on a mountain side It was high tide when we arrived and left at low tide. So the mini beach underneath appeared as the sea settled. So got a dose of it before we left.

It seemed like a snorkling activity all day. Got to drop by at a shipwreck remnant. Fishes were under, colorful, medium sized and were easily enticed with food. Good thing fish feeding was tolerated.  There was no need to dive deep,  the shipwreck was visible even from the boat.

Our last stop was the Twin lagoon. It was low tide when we reached one lagoon so we were able to go and swim under the connecting canal. During high tide, stairs were utilized to go to other side. The vest was  important since it was a long swim to the othe side. The place was extremely  beautiful and i didnt regret to go out from the boat.

I was not into a beach but appreaciated the last day basking on a peebled coral beach floor. The weather was absolute and the sea was calm giving us a private pool.

It was my first time in coron and was really amazed on its beauty. Everything was fantastic, the food, the places, our accomodation, the company- all depicting a flawless mini- vacation. And so in my mind going back was deeply incalcated.

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Japan Series: Sake at Saijo

Saijo is the brewing capital of Japan.  A place  where the famous sake is made. While roaming around the narrow streets of this town, we walked through several factories. Depending on ones taste, whether sweet or dry , one could narrow down the 6 factories. Two of them manufacture the sweet type.

We visited the tourism office located at the Saijo Station for assistance. Took some maps and started some navigation. We visited one factory, so with their adjacent store. Free tasting of the products  would give glimpse on  the products to purchase.

Sake festival is also celebrated during October in Saijo and usually called Sake Mitchori. During this festivals, the plaza is flooded  with sake  and people could stay up to the next day. 

The walk was a glimpse of the process and we were fortunate to have Jan  who showed us around, this wouldn’t  be possible without her.  The experience of Saijo walk was really fun, memorable and informative. It would be a good option when visiting Hiroshima.


Special thanks to Janice Gabuat for accommodating and accompanying us while in Hiroshima.

How to go there:
  1. Tokyo station to Hiroshima station via JR
  2. From JR Hiroshima station, transfer to Jr --  and get off at saijo station
  3. Proceed to the tourism office for directions

Friday, February 20, 2015

Alluring Miyajima

Cherry Blossoms at Itsukaisi Park

Japan Series: The Remarkable Nara

Nara is one of the most gratifying  place  to visit in Japan. It is a historical place as it was the first permanent capital  of Japan. Walking around the place would congest exposure to several  UNESCO Heritage sites so a comfortable shoes would be the most important vehicle.

A week  prior to our trip we tried booking for a Nara tour over the internet but unfortunately a month was required so we weren’t able to avail. Thanks to Sheldon who introduced us to Mayumi, who showed us the place.

We met at the train station and started a walk to the adjacent Nara park. Tamed Sika deer roam  all over the place and rare photo opportunity with these living creatures became  a common scenario in the place.

After  the park we had a sumptuous lunch. The rice was cooked individually in  a pot  with toppings of seafoods. Scooping out the deepest part of the lightly burnt rice ( the  locals called it Okage) was advised to enjoy every bit of the meal. It was a traditional dish called kamameshi rice or iron pot rice and been serve for a long time in this small restaurant. No wonder we had a  long line before we entered the restaurant.

We also visited the todaiji temple, one of the buddist temple within nara. This temple was another Unesco World Heritage site as one of the historic monuments of ancient Nara.


Our feet was tired but there was no time to rest. We aimed to visit  the Kasuga Taisha a  Shinto shrine, still a UNESCO heritage site,  before the sun sets. As we walked along  the long and wide pathway,  stone lanterns hued with mosses lined up.  While nearing the place, more clusters of lanterns  lined until our visions is filled with mossy lanterns. Bronze lanterns hang on the building, said to be donated by devotes.  Honestly, I felt that this is the most rewarding place  to visit  while in nara.

Exploring Nara was a memorable experience. meeting new friends, eating familiar foods yet served in a peculiar way, immersing with deers and  seeing new sights  would sum the trip to this remarkable place.

Special thanks to Sheldon, Mayumi and her friend.